About Us

History & Store Development
Our first store was developed by the company owner Fab Vilardo who previously operated and owned a Sydney radio station. The time had come for a career change and that is what the owner set out to do seeing the growing popularity of Smart Phones and the need for there to be stores to assist people repairing their expensive and delicate hardware. The company owner started as s Sole Trader with a single store and after running this small business for a number of years his family decided to move to Queensland and they sold the Sydney Store before their move to Queensland. The owner and his family developed a new store in Toowoomba Plaza near the K-Mart Store in the arcade walkway.

Soon after the development of the Toowoomba Fone Fix8 Store the owner set out to develop another store seeing the potential to develop a store to meet the needs of a smaller rural market. The second store was developed in Kingaroy in Queensland. A number of staff were trained by Fab Vilardo and were then able to run and manage their store on their own. Fab then set out to manage and operate the Toowoomba Store on his own and employed a number of casual staff to assist him so he could travel between Toowoomba and Kingaroy to check on and assist both stores in their services, overall development and growth.

Over time Fone Fix8 has reached out to other businesses for their services to enable Fone Fix8 to provide other services to their clients and customers. This has enabled Fone Fix8 to broaden the services they can provide to their clients and customers while still providing the repair services for Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Computers.

Fone Fix8 has become business friends with hardware component vendors, case developers and providers and a number of other businesses providing a wide and or specific set of repair services from local businesses or specialised businesses in Sydney. Fone Fix8 has spend the last number of years developing 3 new stores and the owner has been training staff to run and manage those stores. Such stores that have been developed in the last couple of years are in Murwullimbah in New South Wales.