Sell Your Old Phone or Computer

Sell Your Old Phone or Tablet
We buy old phones and Tablets even if they are sometimes damaged and broken and repair them so we have phones we can sell. We must make sure the items are yours by checking the IMEI and to also make sure the devices such as iPhone are not iCloud Locked. So if you have a Smart Phone that is old or damaged why not consider bringing it in to us to see if we will buy it from you? You can see our store locations
here and you can contact us online here.

Sell Your Old Computer
We also buy second hand laptops and refurbish them for a variety of our clients. As with SmartPhones and Tablets we must check the serial number of the computer system to make sure it is owned by the person selling it to us. Why not bring in your old or unwanted digital and electrical equipment for a free appraisal by one of our staff?