Repair Terms & Conditions
There is an Upfront Diagnostic Fee of $55.00 Payable to Fone Fix8 once a Work Order (a Job) is commenced. If a client changes their mind or decides mid-stream of the completion of a Work Order they no longer want to proceed the Upfront Diagnostic Fee is not refundable. Fone Fix8 warrants repairs for one month after the completion of the repair and warranty is only valid for the repaired fault or part(s). There is no warranty on separate or unrelated issues. In the case of liquid ingress and the unit is repaired there is strictly no warranty at all. For repeat repairs (other than liquid ingression) we can only partially refund monies paid if the phone / device is deemed unrepairable for the same fault. Devices that enable a fingerprint scanner must have it disabled before starting a repair as some repairs do not support the use of a fingerprint scanner afterwards. If there is any physical / cosmetic damage to the part replaced, of if any other person has opened your phone / device after our repair, your warranty is voided. Original receipt must be presented and signed to pick up the phone / device. If the original receipt is lost then proof of identity matching the customers name and signature must be used to pick up the device, but additional charges will incur. Phones and devices not paid for and or collected for a period of 3 months after the date of repair will result in total forfeiture of ownership of the phone or device to Fone Fix8 as the phone / device will be deemed as “discarded property”. Phones or devices found to be stolen will be taken to the nearest Police Station and the Full Details of the Customer and the Job History will be provided to assist the Police in their Investigation. The individual(s) who provided the phone / device for repair are still liable for total cost of the repair(s) Fone Fix8 conducted. Clients who refuse to pay for a Work Order or an Invoice for a period of 3 months will have their details passed on to Third Party Credit Record Associations for recovery of the outstanding debts. Any abuse towards our staff will result in those staff asking you to leave the place of business. Failure to leave the place of business will result in our staff contact the police to have you removed and you will void your warranty and we retain the right to take full possession of your device(s) to recover our costs.